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Suns play Spurs for game 3 of the semifinals tonight

Before San Antonio ended up with the hopes of Dallas to make it to the semis, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich had a chat with George Hill. He asked him what kind of player he was going to be at game 6 of the first round, the kind that is friends with everybody and keeps everyone happy, or the kind that is under attack mode. This is certainly a conversation Popovich expects Hill and the rest of the Spurs remember for game 3 of the semifinals against the Suns, as they are down in the series 2-0.

San Antonio returned home for the third match of the series after losing two straight at Phoenix, and now the Spurs will try to even the series since they now have home court advantage. The Suns is a team that has lost to the Spurs in the playoffs for in 4 postseason series since 2003, and with the way they are playing, it seems like they want revenge, as they are half way to beat San Antonio.

The coach for Phoenix is also pushing a winning mentality amongst his players, as he doesn’t want to let the Spurs rest. In fact, the Suns are planning to play as best as they can as they know that to come up with victories at AT&T Center is certainly not an easy task.

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Only 14 teams in the history of the league have been able to come back from a 2-0 deficit, and the Spurs are one of them, as they beat New Orleans in 2008, but San Antonio will not rely in such statistics against the Suns, as every postseason is quite different from the others, and Popovich is not the type of coach that will be encouraging his players with such data. He just wants results, which is why he is not planning on talking to them about the Hornets.

I am sure Popovich prefers to talk about the performance of his players, such as George Hill’s, which hasn’t been the best one yet in the playoffs, as the 24 year old guard has scored only a combined 25 points in the past two postseason games, and also had to deal with foul trouble on Wednesday’s game.

This is certainly much different than his performance against the Mavericks in round one, as he averaged 20 points per match, which is why Popovich has stuck with him instead of Tony Parker, who has actually been better than Hill against the Suns, averaging 23 points from the bench.

Winner on game 3: I would have to give it to San Antonio.

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