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Suns breaks curse: wins semis, now in conference finals

It is all over for the Spurs at the western semifinals, as the Suns were able to advance to the conference finals after eliminating San Antonio in four straight games, the latest victory coming for Phoenix on Sunday night by 107-101 Amare Stoudemire leading the boards with 29 points, and 20 more for Steve Nash, who had to play the fourth quarter injured in one eye due to an elbow hit from Tim Duncan in the third period.

This was an awaited for Phoenix, who had been swept from the playoffs by the Spurs in four occasions since 2003. Tony Parker, who scored 22 points, said to feel sad over his team’s loss, but he also said to feel happy about the Suns, as they always face the Spurs with things never going their way, until now.

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And, with a 3-0 in the series against the Lakers and the Jazz with the numbers favoring the Los Angeles, it is clear who is going to be the Suns’ next rival, therefore, they know that there is still a lot of work to do, which is probably why Phoenix players didn’t look so excited after beating San Antonio, as they walked from the AT&T Center in a calm, non-pretentious way (maybe it would had been different if game four had been played at US Airways Center).

The Suns qualifying for the finals this time around is quite notorious, as just 3 months ago, they were planning on trading Stoudemire to then call it a season, but thankfully for them, no outstanding offers for the 27 year old power forward came around, and this has allowed them to be present at the conference finals for the first time since 2006.

It seems like the glory days of the current roster for the Spurs is over, as they now have a team filled with superstars whom are getting older and less effective every day, but it seems like they still rely in the veterans to do the job, as Manu Ginobili, who will be 33 the coming season, has a renewed contract as he signed a 3-year extension back in March. And when it comes to Tim Duncan, his contract expires in 2012, when he’ll be 35, same as Ginobili, which means that this offseason is probably a good time for San Antonio to think on what is coming, as if they don’t make some necessary adjustments, they will certainly not even be considered contenders next season.

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