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Reviewing the NFC East, Cowboys favorites to win division

The NFC East is a division that is probably one of the most competitive ones in the NFL, with the Cowboys, the Eagles, the Giants and the Redskins being some of the top teams in the league, with at least 2 of them always obtaining a playoff spot in the NFC.

Last season, Dallas was finally able to win their first postseason game since 1996, and it has grown substantially in both talent and their playbook. They have some of the most powerful running backs in the league, including names such as Felix Jones, Tashard Choice and Marion Barber.

They were also outstanding last season in terms of passes thanks to Miles Austin, and will certainly become more potent on that position thanks to the arrival of Dez Bryant, the wide receiver that was acquired from Oklahoma State in the past draft.

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New York ended up the 2009 season not too well, as they lost 8 of their last eleven games after beginning with 5 consecutive victories. But with receivers such as Steve Smith, who finished with more than one hundred receptions last year, and Mario Manningham, the Giants have switch from being one of the teams with the least strength in terms of receptions, to one of the most bright ones in that field.

With the departure of Donovan McNabb to the Redskins, Kevin Kolb is now the starting quarterback for the Eagles, and since he had been McNabb’s reserve for quite a while, he has learned a lot from one of the league’s top play callers, which is why he‘s ready to accomplish big things on the field, the only problem is that he can’t still be considered the team’s leader.

And, while Philadelphia is losing a leading figure, Washington has gained one in McNabb, who is a veteran that will certainly contribute in a great way to the Redskins’ play-making brainstorming.

He is a player that can make a receiver better than he is, which will be one of his main tasks on his new team, the bad thing is that he will feel the constant pressure of not counting with a decent running back, which will get opposing teams to completely focus on his passes, and that might get him tired real quick.

Sure, all of these teams are outstanding, but when it comes to winning the division, I will have to say that Dallas is probably the favorite team.

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