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Remembering Dwayne Wade’s best performance in the NBA so far

After the finals are over, it will be time for trading at the NBA, and with free agents such as Lebron James, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade, it will certainly be an exciting moment. Even though Wade is expected to remain as a player for the Heat, the 28 year old superstar power guard will only stay if Miami is able to build a team that could be a contender for the title the coming season, but if Wade actually decides to leave Miami for good, all that will be left for Heat fans are the good memories concerning his performance. Here is a recount of one of his greatest moments in the league.

Some professional sports critics say that the performance of Wade during the 2006 NBA Finals was the greatest in the history of the league, beating superstars such as Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, and even Michael Jordan.

In such best-of-seven series against the Mavericks, Wade was able to average 34 points per match, allowing him to become the 5th youngest NBA player to earn the honors of the Finals MVP.

But from all 6 matches (4 wins for Miami, 2 for Dallas), game 3 of the series was probably where Wade looked more spectacular, as his team was down by thirteen points, when Wade said that he was not planning on leaving like that, and immediately took charge of the match.

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He was able to score 42 points (which meant his 2nd highest total in his career concerning the playoffs), saving his team and handling them a 98-96 victory over the Mavs. He scored twelve points in the last 6 minutes as the result of multiple 3-point plays, getting the Heat back in the game. He also made fourteen of twenty six shots and threw for 13 of 18 while also grabbing an impressive thirteen rebounds in the 43 minutes he played.

His outstanding performance in the second half of game 3 created momentum for the Head, lifiting up spirits in the team, and ultimately winning them the series against the favored Mavericks. His display of talent during the Finals of 06’was fabulous, but his eagerness for winning at game 3, makes of such presentation, the best one of his career.

Will he stay with the Heat? Or will be look for new horizons at the NBA? We’ll soon find it out.

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