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Reds beat Pirates 9-0 with outstanding performance by Cueto

On Tuesday night, Johnny Cueto played outstandingly for the Reds, whom beat the Pirates by 9-0 at PNC Park. He was able to hurl a full game shutout and also limited Pittsburgh to only one hit. This marked the 1st time this season that the Dominican pitches more than 6 innings, as he was able to increase his current records to 2-1.

This was the first full game for Cueto in his career at the major leagues, and it was also the first 1 hitter by a Cincinnati pitcher since John Smiley did it with St. Louis back in September of 1996.

Cueto had an amazing fastball, throwing in all directions, but always aiming accurately to Ramon Hernandez, the catcher for the Reds who seemed to be in full synchronicity with the 24 year old starting pitcher, who said to had been working quite hard in order to increase his potential.

The single one that Johnny Cueto permitted was a 3rd-inning single by Pittsburgh’s Ronny Cedeno (shortstop), who said to feel glad that Cueto did not threw a no-hitter, as he was acknowledging how well the Dominican was performing, throwing a good number of strikes.

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The problem for the Pirates was that they allowed Cueto to get deep into the game, and when he gets there, he is just going to improve and become better and better. Even teammates had not so much to worry about, just like Scott Rolen, a 3rd baseman for the Reds, who also said that a pitcher that is able to play so aggressively and with so much confidence is highly appreciated in the majors.

This meant a loss for Charlie Morton, the starter for Pittsburgh, who is now 1-6, as he went 6 innings, allowing 3 runs in 7 hits.

The Reds took a 2-0 lead in the 1st inning,with Morton surrendering back to back singles to Christopher Heisey (who obtained his first hit, first RBI and first home run at the majors on this game) and Brandon Phillips.

Heisy is a native from Pennsylvania, and Reds manager Dusty Baker said that he always have liked to put player in front of their home crowd, as it is probable that they end up performing better, which was proven with Heisy.

This game meant the 4th straight victory for Cincinnati and the 3rd consecutive loss for the Pirates.

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