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Predictions for the 2010 MLB season: American League

The 2010 MLB just started a couple of weeks ago; therefore, this is probably the perfect time to come up with some predictions as to what might occur in the American League, starting with the East:

NY Yankees: New York didn’t really moved to many pieces during the offseason, just enough to count with an advantage over the rest of the contenders for the title. They bring up Javier Vasquez, who played with them back in the 04’ season, and his presence can certainly level up the team’s rotation.

The Rays of Tampa Bay: The wild card race will most likely be hot this season, with the Rays, Boston, and many the Mariners or the Rangers. Now, if Tampa’s young pitchers are able to play well, this could actually be a great year for Tampa Bay.

Red Sox: Boston is quite better in terms of defense as well in pitching, but they might be lacking in offensive with Mike Cameron replacing Jason Bay in the outfield.

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Orioles: This is truly a promising team, not for this season, but for the coming ones, as they probably have the best young outfield talent in the whole division, but when it comes to pitching, they are sort of average, therefore, that might slow them down a little bit.

Blue Jays: This is probably the division’s weakest team now that they are without Roy Halladay, which is probably the clearest sign of the longest summer that is awaiting them.

Now let’s review the American League Central:

White Sox: Last summer, Jake Peavy arrived to the Sox, and with their recent acquisition of Mark Teahen during the past offseason, they probably have some of the best rotations in this division, which might be enough to hold the Twins.

Tigers: Even though this team let Curtis Granderson to leave for NY, players like Rick Porcello, Justin Verlander and even Dontrelle Willis might excel most expectations.

Twins: Well, they certainly are starting with the right foot as they have a brand new ballpark, but they lost Joe Nathan, and even though they still have a lot of talent in their roster, that might be a determining factor.

Royals: Not much here, they certainly are lacking good players and I am predicting a 66-96 this season for them.

Indians: Another one with little chances, 67-95 for them.

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