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Magic beast Hawks in 4 straight, heading to conference finals

The Magic has truly been one of the best teams in the current postseason, as proven by their victories in their series against the Bobcats and the Hawks both of whom they defeat in four straight matches. The last victory came on Monday night, when Orland defeated Atlanta 98-84, which allowed them to move forward to conference finals, where they will meet either the Celtics or the Cavaliers.

This was probably the second best game for Atlanta against the Magic in the playoffs as they actually got closer on the score board, falling for just 14 points (same in game two) which is very different than games 1 and 3, where they fell for more than 30 points.

The Magic played the Lakers in the past NBA Finals, and they are certainly getting closer this year by playing their best basketball of the season with fourteen wins in a row, the last eight on the playoffs, and if Cleveland bests Boston, then Orlando will have the chance to prove that their victory on the series against the Cavaliers last year was not pure luck.

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On the game, Vince Carter scored 22, Dwight Howard finished with thirteen points and 8 rebounds, while teammate Jameer Nelson ended up with sixteen points and 9 assists, Rashard Lewis contributed with seventeen and Mickael Pietrus helped with 12 points.

While for the Hawks, Joe Johnson was not very effective as he only scored fourteen points, and Jamal Crawford led the team with 18 points.

This game was probably the last one for Johnson wearing the Hawks uniform, as he is going to become a free agent this summer, and an extension to stay with Atlanta is very unlikely as he was given the chance to sign a new contract before the start of the current season, but he refused to do so, and considering his performance at the playoffs, where he averaged only 13 points, it is clear that he is going to wear a new uniform the coming NBA season.

Orlando now has a very hard task on defeating their next rival, it doesn’t matter if it is the Celtics of the Cavs, but thankfully for them, they now will have some time to prepare for such best of seven series as Boston and Cleveland are currently 2-2 and they will have to play at least 2 more games.

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