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“Los Suns” beat Spurs by 110-102 on game 2 of semifinals

“Los Suns” took a 2-0 advantage in their series against the Spurs in the semifinals for the Western Conference thanks to a 110-102 home victory on Wednesday night. Amare Stoudemire was able to score 23 and also contributed with eleven rebounds, Grant Hill added 18, while teammates Jason Richardson and Steve Nash both finished with nineteen points.

For the Spurs, Tim Duncan was the top scorer with 29 (and ten rebounds) while Tony Parker contributed with 20 points and Richard Jefferson ended up the game with 18. Now the series is going to San Antonio, where the home team will try to win the two consecutive games at AT&T Center.

Phoenix played impressively on game two thanks to an outstanding display of team effort. Manu Ginobili was hold to two of eight thanks to Hill, who was responsible for guarding the Argentinean superstar from the Spurs. And, when you consider that Grant Hills is 37 years old, it is just incredible how he can still play professional basketball the way he does.

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An interesting note on this game is that the final score was almost identical to the one in game one, as the first match of the series ended up 111-102, just a single point more for Phoenix, who were playing with “Los Suns” jerseys to commemorate Cinco de Mayo, and as a way to protest against Arizona’s new unfair immigration law.

It seems like not only players get s injured, as another curious event in the game was to see referee Ron Garretson leaving the match after the 3rd quarter due an injury in his Achilles tendon. He was substituted by referee David Jones, who covered the final period.

The second game of the best-of-7 series between Phoenix and San Antonio was pretty balanced, with both teams tied at 51 by half time, with the Suns taking a small, but decisive lead towards the end of the match.

Stoudemire came up with 6 points and Grant Hill contributed with 2 free throws, giving the Suns a 103-92 lead with only 3 minutes and a half on the clock, and the Spurs could never recover after that.

Phoenix have worn the “Los Suns” jerseys 3 times so far this season, 2 times for regular games, and 1 time during the playoffs, all of which have been victories, but it is still not very clear if they will do it again when visiting San Antonio on Friday.

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