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Lakers beat Jazz by 104-99, series is now 1-0

The Lakers did not had it easy against Utah in the first game of the semifinals for the NBA championship, but at the end they manage to take a 1-0 in the best-of-7 series against the Jazz and defeated them by 104-99 at the Staples Center.

Kobe Bryant played as good as always, and ended up scoring 31 points (11 of those in the final 4 minutes of the match), while Pau Gasol finished with 25 and twelve rebounds for a Lakers team that was overwhelmed by the Jazz at the end of the game thanks to the reserves of Los Angeles whom handled the lead to Utah in the final period, to then get it back thanks to Bryant who managed to seize control with 7 straight points, erasing the 4-point advantage from the Jazz.

For Utah, Deron Williams was the top scorer with 24 points, while Carlos Boozer ended up with eighteen and 12 rebounds and C.J. Miles finished with 16, same amount as Paul Millsap.

The Lakers still have one more game at home before flying to Utah for games 3 and 4, and this is the 3rd consecutive year that both franchises meet at the second round of the postseason, with Los Angeles ending with the Jazz’s illusions of making it to the conference’s finals.

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The Lakers handed white t-shirts to all fans before the start of the match in an attempt to get the crowd to match Los Angeles’ white uniform, but most people did not even bothered to wear them as fans of the LA team were not too glad with the performance of their squad at the first round of the playoffs as they lost two in a row against a young, inexpert Oklahoma City Thunder, and was struggling against the Jazz for most of game one, but it seems like everything went back to normal in the last quarter when the Lakers took advantage.

Fans, of course, don’t get very enthusiast about a white free shirt, as all they want are championships, and even though the Lakers had been quite inconsistent during the regular season and their performance at the postseason, it seems like they still have what it takes to go after their 16th title.

To be without Andrei Kirilenko and Mehmet Okur off the court for the postseason is truly disadvantageous for the Jazz, but it is still too early to name the Lakers the winners of this series.

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