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Lakers are one game away from the Western Conference Finals

The Lakers have the chance of been the second team that is able to advance to the western conference finals if they are able to beat the Jazz at EnergySolutions Arena tonight in the fourth game of the best-of-seven series, which they are currently winning 3-0, and let’s face it, no team in NBA history has been able to make a comeback from such series score.

And the Lakers are aware of certain elements that are determining to win at the postseason, one of them being to avoid extending the series, therefore, they are aware that winning road games is essential, as proven in the quarters against the Thunder, who forced Los Angeles to 6 games after winning two straight at home, which is something they are trying to avoid against the Jazz, and are clearly succeeding with a current victory at Utah. One more and they’ll be ready to face Amare Stoudemire and the rest of the Suns at the conference finals.

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And when it comes to history concerning statistics, then the Jazz is not favored at all when it comes to playoff games against Los Angeles, as they have been swept by the Lakers for the past two seasons, starting in 08’ when they were left out due to a 4-2 end of series, and a 4-0 last year.

With a final score of 111-110 on game 3, and a score of 111-103 on game two, it is clear that this series has been quite tough for both teams, and it is also clear that Los Angeles has struggled to make it where they currently are, first dealing with a Thunders team led by one of the most promising young players in the league, Kevin Durant, and then dealing with a Jazz team that wanted it badly, but that at the end did not had the necessary potential to defeat the current NBA reigning champions.

This home game might be the last one for Utah in the current playoffs, and they know how close they were from being 2-1 instead of 3-0, and, if they actually lose to Los Angeles in four straight games, then it would be time for them to start thinking about those details that are making them fall to the Lakers during the post season in order to rebuilt during the offseason and have a chance against them the coming playoffs.

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