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Jordan vs. Chamberlain: Who is the greatest of all time?

If you are a long time fan of professional basketball, then you probably have wondered who is the best player of all times, and the answer for most true fans of the game is always either Michael Jordan or Wilt Chamberlain, here we will review them both in order to come up with a winner.

Let’s see, Chamberlain was able to average fifty points and 27 rebounds in a given season, and also managed to score one hundred points in a single match, while Jordan was able to finish with the largest scoring average in NBA history (with Wilt at number two) and also won 6 NBA titles in 6 championships, with the same number of MVP recognitions at the Finals.

In his first seven seasons Wilt played 543 games and Jordan played 509. Wilt played 25,526 total minutes for an astounding 47.0 minutes per game average! Jordan averaged 38.7 minutes per game (19,673 total minutes).

Chamberlain played a total of fourteen seasons, while Jordan played fifteen (in nineteen years), and this is a brief analysis of the first 7 years of career for both players at the NBA.

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In his first 7 seasons, Wilt Chamberlain was able to score a total of 21,486 points, averaging 39 points per game, while in his first seven, Michael Jordan was able to score 16,596 points, averaging 32 points per match, but when you divide those numbers, you get to notice that Jordan was actually a better scorer, as if you take 21,486 and divide that by 25,526 minutes for Chamberlain, you will get a total of .842 in average of points per minute (he used to play around forty seven minutes every night), while if you take Jordan’s 16,596 and divide that by 19,673, it equals .844 points per every minute played. So Michael Jordan wins in this department.

Chamberlain was able to make it to the NBA Finals only one time in his first 7 seasons (1964), but lost to Boston 4 games to 1, while Jordan also made it to the Finals in a single occasion in his first 7 years at the NBA, but he won, as the Bulls beat the Lakers 4 games to 1, so, another win for Jordan here.

Well, this is just a brief comparison between the two greatest NBA players of all time, but there are a lot of statistics out there for both of them, and when you get to compare everything, Jordan is always the better of the two.

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