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JaMarcus Russell is proof that a rookie salary cap is needed

JaMarcus Russell is probably the worst deception in recent years for the Raiders, as they had to release the 24 year old quarterback after 3 seasons in which he did not shown enough talent to be considered a valuable asset for a team that chose him as the first overall pick at the 2007 draft.

He certainly failed to meet expectations after only winning 7 games in 25 starts in 3 years. He is still owned 3 million dollars by Oakland, whom acquired Jason Campbell from the Redskins, and are no longer needing the services of the once-promising quarterback who skipped his senior year at LSU to be eligible at the draft of 07’.

During his career at the NFL, Russell has only competed a 50% of his passes, throwing for eighteen touchdowns, twenty three interceptions and fifteen lost fumbles. He currently holds a passer rating of 65.2.

In fact, many of the college players whom started their run at the NFL in 2007 have been quite disappointing, with guys like Drew Stanton, Brady Quinn, Trent Edwards and Troy Smith, all currently looking pretty bad, and the lesson for the NFL concerning players like Russell, is that a rookie salary cap is certainly needed in the league.

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Why is this? Well, because handling millions of dollars to a rookie is more likely to be harmful for the player as big bucks might encourage less passion and more procrastination, as proven with Russell, who became millionaire before he actual threw his first pass at the NFL. He is now out of shape (weighting around 300 pounds), and rumors says that he was more comfortable when he was a backup, collecting his fat monthly check, thank being a starter due to the huge responsibility attached to such job.

Jimbo Fisher, who is a former LSU offensive coordinator, said that he can barely believe what happened to Russell, as back when he was coaching him at college, he used to be a very organized and detailed-oriented player, and also said that it is hard for him to find the right reasons why he has become so lazy. Well, what about $39 million dollars, which is the actual amount he was received up to date for playing for the Raiders.

It will be hard for Russell to find another team if he does not start focusing on his job as a quarterback.

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