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Hawks are facing elimination tonight against the Magic

It’s been 5 years of continuous progress for the Hawks, a team that is looking to become into one of the elite teams in the league, but it seems like they always find a road block in the postseason, as they aren’t able to make pass from the second round. This year is no different, as they are one game away from being swept by the Magic in a series that is currently 3-0 favoring Orlando.

And such bad statistics for Atlanta during the last games of recent seasons has raised some doubts about whether or not the Hawks should have a huge multimillion dollar contract for Joe Johnson as he will become a free agent after the current playoffs. This is because he has failed to prove that he deserves such contract, and his future in the team is now uncertain.

Coach Mike Woodson is also on the verge of getting fired, as even though he has been with the team during the past 5 seasons, he has failed to bring a championship to Atlanta, and now his permanence as head coach for the Hawks is also not too clear. He is planning to return for the coming season and is hoping Atlanta’s management will still trust him to run the team.

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Even Hawks players are not feeling too well concerning their team’s playoff performance, as they feel that they have lacked passion, especially playing at home, where Atlanta was quite effective during the regular season, ending with 34 victories and only seven defeats at Philips Arena.

Atlanta certainly doesn’t lack talent, with players such as Al Horford and Johnson, both whom made it to this year’s All-Star game, Josh Smith, who probably should have been there too, and Jamal Crawford who managed to won this season’s 6th man award for the most valuable players coming from the bench, but the truth is that they do lack chemistry, and when it comes to the roughest stage in the NBA season, the playoffs, such team alignment is necessary to become more compact and be able to go against teams that are also giving an extra in order to come up with the desired results.

Game four is tonight at Atlanta, and even though it is almost certain that the Magic are going to win this series, the Hawks can at least win a semifinals game in order to avoid an embarrassing 4-0.

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