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Game 5 of series between Celtics and Cavaliers is tonight

Since they are not able to stop Rajon Rondo, the Cavs will have to resort to other plans if they want to win their series against the Celtics. Rondo finished game four of the series with triple doubles, as he had 29 points, eighteen rebounds and thirteen assists, which is something Cleveland doesn’t like at all, and that is why Coach Mike Brown is going to get LeBron James to try to stop him on game 5.

Thanks to his outstanding playmaking and his dribble penetration, Rondo has been a headache for Cleveland, and he is no longer just the fourth main man behind the Big Three, as he is probably the most valuable player in the Celtics right now.

And players such as Anthony Parker and Mo Williams have not been able to stop him, which is why the Cavaliers are seriously reconsidering their defensive playbook.

But if James begin guarding Rondo, then this will give more free space to Paul Pierce who might start scoring better as he has only averaged eleven points in the postseason, therefore, Brown is thinking about what is best for the team in order to go for the least harmful alternative.

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If LeBron James gets the assignment of guarding Rondo, then he will join other superstars such as Dwayne Wade and Kobe Bryant, whom also had to guard the 24 year old Celtics player in the past. To this, Rondo said that he is confident on his game, no matter who is assigned to him, and since he had to deal with big guys like James before, it should not be something he needs to get used to, instead, he will need to play tougher in order to continue to be as effective as he had been lately.

The Cavs knew how good of a player Rajon Rondo is, and how difficult would be to deal with him, therefore, they were carefully watching the tapes for game 4 in order to try to catch some vulnerable spots in Rondo’s performance, who has never been as important for Boston as he is now since he is probably the future of the team due to the Big Three getting older and less effective every day.

Celtics and Cavaliers will have to play at least two more matches in this series, therefore, there is still a lot of good basketball to watch on the semifinals for the Eastern Conference.

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