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Game 3 of semis between Celtics and Cavs tonight at Boston

After 3 days to recover from game two, it’s time for game 3 of the Eastern Conference semifinals between the Celtics and the Cavaliers, and both teams can certainly take advantage of resting periods since this is probably one of the most physical matchups in the current postseason.

LeBron James was recently diagnosed with a couple of injuries in his right elbow, but after some practice shots before flying to Boston, the team said that he will not be needing another MRI as he is in good conditions to play tonight, while for the Celtics, Kevin Garnett was also throwing some shots at the team’s practicing facility located in Waltham, Massachusetts in order to verify if his foot is back to normal after Kendrick Perkins landed on his foot on Monday’s game, but the veteran player says he’s ready to go.

And Boston is certainly hoping for that to be true as they don’t want to go against the Cavs without KG since they know how vital he is for the team, as it was proven in the 2009 playoffs, when Garnett also got injured and missed most of the postseason, preventing the Celtics to have a new chance to win the NBA championship.

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The Celtics had not won a postseason game in Cleveland in 6 attempts since 92’, and now the Cavs are forced to win a road game in Boston, where they have not won a playoff game since the same semis of 1992, as if they fail to do so, they are in risk of a 3-1 that would leave them at the edge of elimination.

James said that the Cavaliers were are of how tough this series against the Celtics was going to be, and he is pushing for a positive group mentality that can allow them to focus and go back to Cleveland for game 5 with at least a 2-2 in the series .

This Boston team is quite old, and this might as well be the last time they can opt for a championship with the same all-star roster, as the big three are getting older and less effective every day, but even like that, they are trying to play as best as they can, as they know that this is the toughest part of the season, and well, if they are actually able to beat the Cavs, then make it to the finals and win, then it is quite possible that we might see at least of the 3 top players in the Celtics to opt for retirement after earning 2 NBA rings.

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