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Clausen: A top draft pick chosen in the draft’s second round

Jimmy Clausen is probably the top quarterback of the 2010 NFL draft class in despite of having been selected in the second round as the 48th overall, and the reason why he was not chosen before is probably because he is known as to be quite cocky, but, as stated by himself, he will fight for the starting positions since day at the Panthers.

It was actually a real surprise for professional football critics when Clausen was chosen on the second round, and a less superior QB such as Tim Tebow made it in the first one, 23 spots before Clausen.

This truly did not makes any sense, which is why it would be interesting to get the point of view of teams who passed on a quarterback who had an outstanding season playing with Notre Dame, even when he was suffering of a toe injury. It turns out that his personality was the key factor why he was left out of the first round, as apparently his sense of entitlement is off the charts.

At Notre Dame, the news of Clausen getting drafted in the second round due to his unwanted attitude were not expected, as they thought he would certainly would be making it into the first round. General Manager Marty Hurney said that he spoke with some scouts a few days before the draft, and they all seemed to be hesitant about the rookie due to horrifying off field stories about him.

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But don’t get it wrong, what other saw as an inconvenient; the Panthers saw it like an advantage, as they were able to obtain one of the top players at the draft with the 48th pick. Clausen is probably the player that was more fitted for the NFL since he was playing under the famous Charlie Weis professional style system, and he is arriving to a team where Jeff Davidson, who work under Weis’s command at the Patriots, is currently working as offensive coordinator, which is a great advantage for Clausen since the Panthers offensive is going to be almost a mirror of what he experienced at Notre Dame.

And it is almost certain that the management team at North Carolina is not really worried at Clausen’s ego since they will not give him the chance of playing a main role in their team since the Panthers are a team that utilizes the quarterback as a secondary player, being the running backs and the defense the true backbone of the team.

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