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Celtics are one game away from the conference finals

Quicken Loans Arenas looked almost empty by the end of the game between the Cavaliers and the Celtics as the locals fell to the visitant team by 120-88 in a series that is now 3-2 favoring Boston, whom will fly home to meet the Cleveland at game 6, which is going to take place on Thursday.

32 points of difference in the final score for a game between two of the top NBA franchises is not common, especially when the team that was defeated is the Cavs, as even though game 5 probably means the beginning of the end for LeBron James’ team, it is certainly surprising that they are about to end their run at the playoffs in such a bad shape.

The Celtics, a team that was first considered as counting with an aging roster, is making an outstanding come back that is allowing them to dream with a new title, thanks to the Big Three and younger players such as Rajon Rondo, who is probably the most valuable man for Boston right now.

On the game, Ray Allen finished with 25 points, Paul Pierce with 21, Kevin Garnett with 18 and Rondo with 16.

This game meant the worst defeat in the history of the Cavaliers franchise, whom are hoping for a road victory at TD Garden in order to extend the series to a seventh game .

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LeBron James played really bad, as he ended up scoring only 16 points, a figure that is awkward for a player that was just granted the MVP title a couple of weeks ago, but the truth is that James is playing with a sprained elbow that is not allowing to play at his best, a situation the 25 year old superstar won’t use as an excuse for his poor performance.

James is going to become a free agent after the season is over, and this loss is probably a critical factor that might end up determining if he is going to remain with the team or if he will be leaving to play somewhere else.

And, with the way things are, it is probable that LeBron end up wearing a different NBA jersey next season since it is quite hard for the Cavs to make a comeback since they have an almost impossible task in winning at Boston, and then force a seventh match.

Whoever wins this series is going to play the Magic at the Eastern Conference Finals.

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