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A review of Lawrence Taylor’s troublesome life

Controversial players have always been a part of the professional sports landscape, and when it comes to the NFL, it is no exception. On this article, we are going to examine the on and off-field troublesome situations attached to the life of former football linebacker Lawrence Taylor since he began his career back in 1981 after being drafted from the University of Carolina by the NY Giants, his only team at the league until he retired in 1994.

On November 1985, he ended up with the career of Joe Theismann, the quarterback for the Redskins, after breaking his leg in a sack. The following year, in February, he entered his first drug rehabilitation program.

Back in July 1987, he admits in his autobiography that he used to exchange urine vials with a teammate in order to hide his cocaine consumption, but on August 1988, he got caught and was banned from playing 4 games for abusing such substance.

In 1995, one year after retirement, he was in the news again after entering rehab once again. On September 1996, he was visiting the Giants to watch a practice, and ended up choking a reporter.

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Then on April 1996, his driver’s license was suspended due to an accumulation of a huge number of parking tickets, and the following month, he got arrested in South Carolina due to his attempt of acquiring crack from an undercover cop (such charges were dropped after he agreed to sixty hours of public service). Next year, on June, he was accused of filing a 1990 tax return with false information and pleaded guilty.

On September 1998, he was arrested for the possession of paraphernalia which is utilized to smoke crack, the next month, he was arrested again for trying to obtain crack from an undercover police, and the month after that, he declared chapter seven bankruptcies, just 4 days after having entered a rehabilitation center for the third time.

April 2000, he was sentenced to 3 months of house arrest, 5 years of probation and five hundred hours of community service for evading taxes. On November 2003, he said in an interview with 60 minutes concerning his biography that he first started with cocaine in 81, and started doing crack back in 1993.

And of course, the latest one: getting arrested for allegedly raping a sixteen year old girl. If he goes to jail for a long time due to this incident, it might be the last controversial news we’ll get to hear from him.

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