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5 reasons why LeBron James is better than Kobe Bryant

Just like the debate about “who is the best” between Larry Bird and Magic Johnson 2 decades ago, now is the turn for Kobe Bryant and Lebron James. There is really no reason to argue about them being the current two elite players in the league, but there is certainly a lot of controversy about who is better between them, and let me tell you why I believe James is way better than Kobe.

5. Back in 2005, Kobe Bryant became a free agent, and besides the Lakers, only the LA Clippers were interested in the now 31 year old shooting guard. Now, perhaps you are aware that LeBron will become a free agent once the season is over, well, there is not one, but a good number of teams interested in his services, for which they have made the right moves in order to clear enough salary cap to be able of offering $125 million dollars to James. Never in the history of the game has a player been sought more by teams that are willing to pay him a very large salary.

4.On March of 2003, Kobe became the youngest NBA player to come up with ten thousand points, he was 24 by then, and, on February 2008, James was able to surpass him, as he achieved the 10,000 points milestone when he was only 23. Then Bryant scored fifteen thousand when he was 27, while Lebron surpass him again as he did it when he was 25.

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3. Sure, Kobe has two NBA scoring titles (05-06, 06-07) against only one for LeBron (07-08), but when it comes to career averages, James is again superior to Bryant, as he has averaged 27 points per match during his career, against 25 points for the Lakers superstar.

2. And, when it comes to MVP titles, guess what, LeBron James beat Kobe Bryant again, as James, with only 7 seasons in the NBA has already two titles, while Kobe, with 14 years in the league has only one.

1. Have you wondered what would it happen if Kobe and LeBron switched teams? Well, the answer is simple: the Lakers would be unbeatable (imaging him playing along superstars such as Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum), and the Cavaliers would become a regular team, as before the arrival of Antawn Jamison to Cleveland, that team was all about James helping average players to increase their potential (which is something Kobe is working on, but is not there quite yet).

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