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With Chris Bosh injured, is time for Andrea Bargnani to step up as the Raptors leader

With the playoffs around the corner, an injured Chris Bosh is certainly not very favorable for the Raptors, whom are second in the Atlantic division just behind the Celtics.

There are only four games remaining, and Toronto is looking forward to clinch the last playoff seed in the Eastern Conference.

Bosh got his nose fractured in a game against the Cavs when Antawn Jamison hit the power forward with his elbow, sending him to the surgery room and then to a long recovery period.

And, being this his last year of contract with Toronto, it is still not very clear if CB4 will be playing for the Raptors the coming season, so, the match against Cleveland can might as well had been his last one wearing the Toronto jersey.

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The 26 year old All-Star is still uncommitted with a final decision about his future, but even if he stays as a Raptors player, his teammates are sure that they will have to push for the playoffs spot without him, which will give Andrea Bargnani the opportunity to step up for him.

The Italian player was chosen by the Raptors as the number one overall pick of the 2006 draft, and being 24 years old now; a lot is still expected from him even when he has still not made it to any All-Star team year and despite the fact that he has been averaging only 17 points per game.

But this might as well be because he has not been given enough playing time due to the presence of Bosh in the team.

With him out, Bargnani will have to push his talents as he will be carrying a heavy weight in his shoulders: to become into the main scorer for the team and struggle to be seeing as a leader by his teammates in despite of not been able to communicate well since English is not his native language.

One thing is for sure: the Italian forward/center from Italy will have the chance to prove that he can jump into Bosh’s shoes sooner than he expected and in a very critical period of the season, but, if he is able to take the Raptors farther than the playoffs, then Toronto might as well feel free to let Chris Bosh leave the team in order to count with a larger salary-cap in order to opt for a free agent or trade-and-sign deal.

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