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Can the Celtics make it far in the playoffs? A question with no answer yet due to the team’s recent underperformance

The Celtics have made it to the playoff, that is true, but are they the same Boston team that beat the Lakers and won the 2008 championship?

Not likely, and much of it has to do with the big three (Allen, Garnett, and Pierce) being older and forgetting about their commitment with a “team comes first” mentality.

It is actually surprising that they have made it so far by playing average basketball, even falling to underdog teams like the Nets, and to the Rockets whom were playing without their major stars at the moment, including Yao Ming, Trevor Ariza and Kevin Martin.

Tony Allen seems to be the man Doc Rivers trusts the most right now since he’s been given more time in the court than in the past as he has been working hard to earn himself a steady position in the team on top of guys such as Marquis Daniels and even Nate Robinson, the latest acquisition of the Celtics.

There is no rocket science involved in here as to why Allen is been given more playing time over these guys, he is just playing better than them right now, and overall, he has been the more consistent player in the team in recent times, it is just as simple.

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Now, talking about Rivers, can it be that he is the one to actually blame for the team’s underperformance?

Well, he has certainly been doing some awkward rotations and has also been quite patient with Rasheed Wallace (another player that is not at his best and whom, in my opinion, should had been benched for good a while back).

But, the truth is that, even when a coach makes mistakes, the players are the ones doing the real work at the court, and so they are the last ones in the chain of responsibility for the outcome of a game, which is why Doc Rivers is to the real target here.

The Celtics are coming from a victory to the Raptors and are to face Washington and the Bucks next, which is good for the team as they are not faced against overwhelming rivals just yet, therefore, they have the opportunity to redeem themselves and show fans that they haven’t forgotten how to play good ol’ hoops.

It is that, or to continue to play bad, lose respect, fell early on the playoffs, and forget about championship rings.

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