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Tim Duncan: A veteran giving the best of him at the playoffs

Tim Duncan’s birthday (he’ll be 34) is coming on Sunday, and as it is usual for him, he will be playing a game that day in order to chase another championship ring.

This has been a situation of 12 years for Duncan, and Antonio McDyess, the most recent acquisition from the Spurs has also been playing in the NBA since then, just at the other side of the fence.

At that time it was the playoffs and San Antonio was facing the Suns, the team from McDyess at the moment. They handled the ball to Duncan in 7 consecutive possessions in a fourth quarter against the now 35 year old power forward/center veteran playing for Phoenix, and Tim Duncan was able to score on each occasion.

Both players are now in the same team, and are also at the verge of retirement, but McDyess says that he believes Duncan is just getting wiser in his game every year that passes.

And certainly, every person that has watched Duncan play this past March might not agree with McDyess as Duncan has been carrying a left knee injury that has surely lower his level, allowing him to play better in some occasions while struggling with his game in other matches.

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To this, the Spurs said that it was just a matter of time for him to get back on track as his low performance had to do a lot with the exhausting schedule of the team, and that it had little to do with any particular injury.

And the Spurs might actually be right about Duncan getting better, as he is a player that always saves the best of him for the spring games, in fact, I cannot recall Tim Duncan having a bad playoff performance.

He has always tried to make an impact, if not in scoring, and then he would be great in rebounds, or defensively or even passing the ball. And even though he has slowed since the injury arrived approximately a year ago in a game against the Mavericks, he has been able to average a decent 19 points per match this season.

Both Duncan and McDyess will have the chance of proving San Antonio fans that they are still amongst the top players in the NBA, and that even though they do not count with the lift from previous years, they can still be part of the essential formula that it takes to win games at the post season.

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