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Tiger Woods: Underdog in the Masters, still king in the headlines

After 5 months of rehabilitation, Golf phenomenon Tiger Woods is back to play at the Masters.

He seems like a man that is trying to return to that comfortable spot where fame and cheers were part of his daily life, but, at the same time, he is also trying to forget the situation that dragged him to be exiled from public appearances in the first place, and so he is showing his more “human side” when telling journalists that he is in the process of getting in touch with his Buddhist spirituality.

But, even though Tiger Woods is known to be a role model for children, his private life has never been the reason for his popularity; his status as the second-best golfer of all times is. And, all of which true fans of the golfer want is to see their hero playing.

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And, of course, they want to check if he is the same idolized player or if his game has changed at least a little bit.

Well, on Monday, in Augusta, he threw a few shots in the first day of practice for the tournament that began on April 8, 2010, and according to some of his most loyal devotees, he threw more bad shots in just a couple of holes than those he failed in the past 5 years.

Certainly not a sign of his habitual dose of amazing golf swings, which is why most professional golf writers are not granting him a big deal of possibilities to win the Masters, in fact, only two out of forty said that Woods might have some hope, when it used to be only two out of forty that said he did not.

Things have certainly changed for Tiger in terms of critical appraisal, as now Phil Mickelson, the player who was the closest thing to a competitor for Woods, is being favored to win the tournament, and if the 34-year-old Eldrick wants to change those perceptions, he would have to focus on playing his best golf and completely forget about his misfortunes concerning his personal life.

It is too soon in the Masters to tell if Woods will rise up his level or if Mickelson will finally have the chance to beat his archrival for good, what is certain is that all eyes are still on Tiger, for good or for bad.

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