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Thunder takes series at 2-2, now heading to LA for game 5

Last season at this same time of the year, Kevin Durant was pointing out that his team would try hard to make a run for the playoffs this season, and it seems like he had some kind of supernatural perception towards the future, as the Thunder is not just playing the postseason against the reigning NBA champions, but they are tied 2-2 in the series against them.

This is thanks to 2 consecutive victories (games 3 and 4) playing at Ford Center. The latest of those came on Saturday when Oklahoma City was able to wipe out the Lakers by 110-89, with Durant scoring 22 points and Russell Westbrook 18 plus 8 rebounds.

For Los Angeles, Andrew Bynum was the player with the most points at the end as he finished with 13 and ten rebounds, one point more than Kobe Bryant, who only managed to score 12 while teammate Pau Gasol contributed also with 13.

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This third game was expected to be one continuous matchup between the current MVP, Bryant, and the youngest scoring champion in the history of the league, Durant, but that certainly did not materialize in game four, as both of them were actually benched for most of the 4th period, in fact most starters for both teams were sidelined on the period, with the exception of Bynum.

The Thunder (who was previously the Seattle Supersonics), has been playing at OKC for just 2 seasons, and certainly to make it to the playoffs in such a short period of time is quite a pleasant surprise for the group of investors whom bought the team in 2008.

Now the series has become quite interesting as both teams have 2 home victories, and the action is going back to Los Angeles, where the Lakers would attempt to take it to a 3-2 to then travel to OKC for game 6, but if the Thunder is able to acquire a third consecutive win, and this time on the road, they will be certainly on their way to make it to the second round of the playoffs, leaving the Lakers behind and celebrating in their own patio with their fans.

Of course, Kobe Bryant is one of the most outstanding players in the league, and he will certainly not allow something like that to happen, at least not without a good fight at Staples Center on game 5, taking place on Tuesday April the 27th.

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