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The worst players during the current NBA playoffs

It is clear that the NBA playoffs provides the perfect scenario for players to come up with their best performances in order to achieve better contracts the upcoming season or simply to create a legend around them, but it seems like this current postseason, some players are doing exactly the opposite, and have fallen short on their commitment with professional basketball.

D.J. Augustin: This point guard who is on his second year at the league was supposed to be a determining factor in the Bobcats’ playbook, but he failed to do his job at the 1st round of the playoffs against the Magic as Charlotte was swept in 4 straight matches. Clearly, nothing like what it was expected of him, since he had been playing fairly good during the regular season.

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Rasheed Wallace: One of the worst in the playoffs, he has been named the “cancer” of the Celtics during the whole season, and he probably represents one of the major reasons why Boston is being overlooked as a truly serious contender for the title this time. If he played bad during the regular season, he is doing an even worst job at the postseason. He was even fined 35 thousand dollars for his criticism of NBA referees.

Ron Artest: When he arrived to the Los Angeles team during the offseason, many experts seriously criticized the wisdom behind such decision, and even though he was better than guard-forward Trevor Ariza, but if we judge what Artest has done during the postseason (with the exception of keep an eye on Kevin Durant), I think Ariza would had been a better fit for the Lakers.

Dwight Howard: Even though the Magic was able to swept Charlotte in the 1st round, it is clear that Dwight Howard has not played well, and has also been plagued with fouls, so much that he was nicknamed “Foul on you”. And, if it was a player of a lower caliber, it might be comprehensible, but being the kind of superstar he is, to average 5 fouls per match is not precisely desirable.

Erick Dampier: Well, it is certainly hard to find a player that has had such a bad performance in the playoffs as Dampier. He has struggled against the Spurs in the 1st rounds, and he has not been successful in terms of field goals, as he has not scored a single one during the whole postseason, going 0-for-7 in 4 matches.

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