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The “Big Three” not performing well, no chance for the Celtics

The postseason in most professional sports is supposed to be seen as a completely different new chapter where teams that are participating in it are all starting from scratch and have the same chances of winning the championship. In the NBA is a little bit different as the teams that have been superior in the regular season are most likely to show the same behavior in the playoffs, and those that just barely made it to the postseason are also likely to be left behind, which is a reason why there are not that many Cinderella stories in NBA records throughout history.

This is also a reason why the Celtics are not seeing as major contenders for the championship, not now, and not any time soon (of course Doc Rivers and company might disagree and say that they still have the winning edge displayed two years ago).

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In 2008, Boston was by far the top team in the league with the best win/lose record in the league as well as the top performers in the NBA in Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. They made of their road across the playoffs for the Eastern conference a bit difficult, but at the end they managed to send LeBron James and the Cavaliers home to then beat the Lakers 4-2 in the best of seven for the Finals.

But it seems like 2008 was not two years ago but decades ago as per the poor performance shown by the team at the regular season since they are ending with only 50 victories (12 less than in 08’) and with a number four East conference seed. The team of 2008 counted with a sharp, agile Kevin Garnett, now KG shows signs of being 33 as he looks mostly tired. He had to spend a good time out of the courts with a hyper extended knee and did not played as much after recovery since the Celtics wanted to take care of him for fear of another injury that could affect in some way his performance at the postseason.

Garnett is going to turn 34 in May, Ray Allen will be 35 in July, and Pierce, the youngest of the “Big Three” is 32, meaning that they are going down the hill in terms of performance, and so is the Celtics, therefore, no true hopes for the team from Boston to repeat what they did a couple of years ago.

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