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The 2010 NFL Draft takes place today at Radio City Music Hall

Today is probably one of the most important moments in the offseason, as tonight, the 2010 NFL Draft will take place. This is the 75th yearly meeting where franchises are able to pick brand new players, and differently to previous drafts, the one from this year is taking place in 3 days, and the location will be the Radio City Music Hall in NY.

The 1st round of selection is today, starting at 7:30 pm, to then move to Friday, where the 2nd and 3rd rounds will take place at 6:30 pm (ET). The final 4 rounds are to be held on Saturday, April 24, starting at 10 am. All the coverage for the full event will be provided by the NFL TV network and also by ESPN. Since the Rams are the worst team of the past season, they are the ones holding the 1st overall pick.

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There has been open speculation concerning the large number of new players that are participating in the draft due to the new pay scale to be applied for rookies in the following meeting on 2011. The underclassmen that are projected as top prospects to play at the National Football League might actually risk millions of dollars if they do not participate in this draft as per a new collective bargaining agreement that could be set for the following year, which is why 53 non-seniors will try their luck this time, setting a record for most non-seniors in an NFL draft.

The NFL owners meeting that is held every year saw the heads of each team approving an agreement on various changes concerning the order in which draft picks are assigned, starting at 2010, including a brand new format that takes into account the seeding of the teams that made it to the playoffs the previous season.

The teams that reached the playoffs will pick after those who did not. In 2008, the Chargers were able to make it to the postseason, but actually picked a 16th overall in the next draft, which is a pick that is certainly better than the ones granted to non-playoff squads such as the Jets (17th pick) and the Patriots (23rd).

So as per the current assignation of picks, St. Louis obtained the first overall, the Lions the second, Buccaneers the third, Redskins the fourth, the Chiefs the fifth, Seahawks the sixth, Browns the seventh, Raiders the eight, Bills the ninth, and the Jaguars the 10th.

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