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Target Field inaugurated with a 5-2 Twins victory over Red Sox

The Twins is certainly a team that is proud of details. Starting in their minor league and up, they ask their players to always be pending of fundamentals. For a squad that for many years has had one of the lowest payrolls in baseball and was at the border of disappearance, the right approach to things was undoubtedly a survival matter.

Now things seem to be different for the Minnesota team as they count with a payroll that is close to $100 million dollars and a brand new ballpark that certainly reflects the sensibilities of the major league baseball squad. Starting with the Twins logo that was specially crafted in limestone and placed in the dugout, to the gate handles which were shaped as the city of lakes, Target Field is undoubtedly a ballpark with character.

The baseball park was opened to begin operations in January 4th and officially inaugurated on April 12th for the Twins regular reason. It is the sixth park in the history of the franchise and its approximately cost is of $520 million.

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Even Bud Selig couldn’t hide his admiration for the new ballpark and considered it as his second favorite (just after Miller Park) from the 22 he has seen opened during his tenure as MLB commissioner.

Target Field is amongst the best parks built in the last decade, and is certainly nothing like the ball parks constructed in the nineties as those didn’t carried the great appeal and innovation of the new home for the Twins. And, a major change from Metrodome (Minnesota’s old house), is that this new park has no roof, but this factor doesn’t seem to be a problem as per the State’s favorable climatic conditions.

On Monday, Target Field welcomed 39,715 fans of the Twins whom watched their team beat the Red Sox by 5-2. Jason Kubel hit the 1st homerun ever at the new stadium and Carl Pavano (now 2-0) sealed the deal with 6 outstanding innings in a day that was just perfect for the practice of baseball in terms of weather (65 degrees). With the win, Minnesota is now 6-2 and are 1st in the American League Central Conference.

Yesterday was truly a day that will remain the memories of those who had the luck to assist to the opening ceremony and the game that followed, now fans of the Twins are just hoping that their new ballpark will be a sign of good times to come.

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