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Suns beat Blazers by 119-90 and tied series 1-1

Even though the Trail Blazers won game 1 by 105-100 playing on the road, the Suns are still favorites to win this series that is now tied 1-1 after the 119-90 Tuesday night victory from Phoenix over Portland on game 2.

For Phoenix, Jason Richardson finished the game with 29 points, while Grant Hill threw 10 of 11 for twenty points. And, when J-Rich is having an outstanding night, it is most likely that his team will come up with the win (The Suns are currently 27-4 this season when he scores twenty or more).Also, Amare Stoudemire scored 19 points, while Steve Nash managed to end the game with 13 points and sixteen assists.

The 29 year old swingman could concentrate on scoring points after he was released of the duty of guarding Andre Miller, who managed to score only twelve points (four of eleven) after coack Alvin Gentry sent Grant Hill to guard him as Phoenix avoided Miller from showing an outstanding performance similar to the one displayed on game one, as he ended with 31 points.

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Hill said that he feels a great respect for the veteran Miller, who is close in age with him, and he also pointed out that he just wanted to make him work as much as possible, which he did. And, what is more impressive of all is that in despite of guarding the 34 year old player from the Blazers, Grant Hills also contributed with twenty points. On this, Richardson said to be marveled, and also said that he probably could not do something like that.

Phoenix have not missed 2 games in a row since January 26, which is a record that doesn’t favor Portland too much, and without Brandon Roy, who is out due to a knee injury, it will certainly be more difficult for them to be able of beating a team that is already favorite to win the series.

The possible of Roy playing at the first round of the playoffs is still open, but if that doesn’t happen, it is clear that the Suns are the ones whom are going to make it to the conference finals (that is, if players like LaMarcus Aldridge are not able to step up their game and help the Blazers to give a fight against Phoenix).

Game 3 will take place on Thursday night, and, even though they are playing on the road, I give the Suns the win on this one.

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