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Some of the reasons why Derrick Rose is the top point guard

The 09-10 season is coming to an end as we are on the verge of the final playoff games, and it is precisely at this stage when you get to notice how some players have significantly improve their game, with some of them being Joakim Noah, Carl Landry, Kevin Durant, Aaron Brooks and of course, Derrick Rose.

The latest being the one that has improved the most from the aforementioned players. Rose is playing his second season in the NBA, and since he arrived to the Bulls from Memphis as number one overall pick of the 2008 draft, he has shown critics that he is at the level of some of the most recognized figures in the league.

And by watching him playing throughout the whole season, it has got me thinking about who can actually be named the current best point guard in the NBA. Of course there are a lot of good candidates, from veterans like Jason Kidd and Steve Nash to younger stars such as Chris Paul and Deron Williams, and also rookies such as Stephen Curry and Tyreke Evans, but the reality is that none has done it as well this season as Derrick Rose.

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There is a major reason to be considering Rose as to be superior to other point guards, and that is his status as the only real good player in the Bulls, and how he basically made them a playoff team. Chicago has been plagued with injuries this season, and the departure of Tyrus Thomas to the Bobcats and John Salmons to the Bucks in February, forced Rose to become into the main scorer and the player with the most assists in his team, and of course, the absence of such top players, lowered the expectations for the Bulls as a contender for the title, so, there is no wondering about why the Cavs swept them in 4 straight matches at the first round of the postseason.

And what makes Rose even greater, is not just his outstanding scoring average, but how much he has grown as a player in just two seasons in the NBA. He is certainly better in aspects such as jump shots and his driving into the paint, which are aspects on which he was lacking talent last year.

Sure, the postseason is over for the Bulls, but if they make the right moves and get Rose some help, they might make it to the playoffs again, but as actual contenders.

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