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Santonio Holmes traded to the Jets, Big Ben remains with the Steelers despite inappropriate off-field behavior

It is offseason at the NFL and the Steelers are more than glad for it, not just because it is the time to get the team ready for the coming season, but because of the bad press that Pittsburgh is receiving lately thanks to the wrongdoings of two of its more valuable players, well, now just one, as Santonio Holmes was just traded to the Jets.

A Florida woman has presented a lawsuit against the 26 year old wide receiver, and with Big Ben also facing an accusation for sexual assault, it seemed like too much off-field issues for Pittsburgh’s management, which is why they decided to let Holmes go.

Now, this move might not end up being very popular for Steelers fans, as Holmes, whom is a Super Bowl MVP (and the one who caught the touchdown that gave Pittsburgh the victory at SB XLII), is being traded for a 5th round pick in the coming NFL draft, and to make things worse for the image of the young WD, he will start the coming season with a 4-game suspension.

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On the brighter side of things, Holmes is heading to a team that is one of the squads with big expectations for the coming season as it is going through a renovation period that includes a revamping of its roster, and, when it comes to keep an eye on the behavior of a player, who can it be better than NY rigorous coach Rex Ryan, whom is a firm believer in separating the personal life of a player with his performance on the field, and whom will also have to closely check the

As per Roethlisberger, the message for him and other players running into misconduct is clear: It doesn’t matter who you are, if you do not stay out of trouble, you might be the next to face Holmes’s luck.

Though Big Ben being the quarterback he is, it is clear that Pittsburgh will forget about the incident as it is quite possible that no further legal action is taken against the 28 year old QB (he might still need to engage in a conversation in NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, and this almost certainly means at least a mild sanction for him).

Santonio Holmes might just be lucky as he is moving to a super bowl contender, and Big Ben is just fortunate that he is just staying a Steelers player.

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