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Sam Bradford to wear jersey number 8 to honor Troy Aikman

Sam Bradford, the newest acquisition of the Rams, used to were number 14 when playing in college, now he has switched to jersey number, and he is actually doing it to pay homage to Troy Aikman, the hall of famer who used to play for the Dallas Cowboys.

And when it comes to talent, Bradford is certainly right there, head to head with Aikman, which is a fact that was confirmed by Dave Razzano, who is a well known NFL scout and the first one to spot the number one overall pick of the 2010 draft when he was playing for the Oklahoma Sooners

Razzano said that he even believes that the 22 year old quarterback can probably be better than Aikman, as he feels that Bradford has more mobility and possesses an outstanding arm that allows him to be accurate with his passes the majority of the time.

Even though Bradford had never been a Cowboys fan (he cheered for the Steelers), he was certainly a true fan of Troy Aikman. The now quarterback for the St. Louis Rams said that he was impressive with the quantity of games won by Aikman, pointing out that such statistic is the one wished by any professional QB. He also mentioned that he feels identified with the former NFL star as Aikman is also from Oklahoma.

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If Sam Bradford manages to even come close to the type of career Aikman enjoyed in the American Football league, then Rams fans are truly going to be pleased of counting with him on their team. Bradford traveled to St. Louis on the morning of this past Friday accompanied by his parents, he said that he had been to the city just in a couple of occasions when he was a little kid with his dad in order watch the Mark McGwire’s Cardinals.

Bradford has already done some workouts with the Rams and it is in the process of learning their playbook, but he is obviously anxious to get immersed in the team’s offensive tactics which he will surely try at the upcoming minicamps and other similar activities.

Coach Steve Spagnuolo will have the rookie quarterback to engage in about 24 practices before such training camps, which means that Bradford will spend most of the spring practicing and getting better in order to play at the desired level that can go along with that one of NFL veterans.

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