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Predictions for the 2010 MLB season: National League

We continue with our predictions concerning what might occur in the MLB this current season, which just started a couple of weeks ago. Now it has come the time to check on the National League, and quickly review each one of the teams that comprises it to see which ones are favorites and which ones are not relevant at all.

Let’s start with the National League East:

Philadelphia Phillies: These are the current NL champs, and they certainly got better during the post season, as they acquired Placido Polanco and Roy Halladay. And, if Brad Lidge is able to play as he did back in the 2008, they certainly can be World Series contenders.

Atlanta Braves: Right fielder Jason Heyward can be the man that can make things happen for this team, He has been compared to a younger Albert Pujols, which is one of the reasons critics are giving the Braves a good chance of make it far in the season.

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Florida Marlins: Against all odds, this team has managed to stay in the run for the wild card race the past two seasons, so, why should it be different this time around?

NY Mets: Certainly one of the teams that will struggle to achieve at least .500 during the 2010 MLB season. No more than 75 victories for them this year.

Washington Nationals: Probably the worst team in this division. They certainly made some improvements during the offseason, but they will probably stay under the 70-victory line.

National League Central:

St. Louis Cardinals: This is a team that is quite solid in every sector of the field, and with a rotation between Adam Wainwright and Chris Carpenter, they might win the division and achieve at least 90 victories.

Chicago Cubs: Even though they were quite disappointing last season, they certainly have the talent, and if Geovany Soto and Alfonso Soriano are able to get back to their normal level, they might make it to the playoffs.

Cincinnati Reds: They now have young pitchers and might improve in a modest way, but certainly not one of the contenders.

Milwaukee Brewers: They have some good pitching talent, but will not make it far.

Houston Astros: Not sure why they did not starting with their rebuilding process during the offseason, as their roster is comprised mostly of veterans.

Pirates: Well, they have Andrew McCutchen now, but even with him, I don’t see them winning more than 70 games.

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