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Phoenix beats Portland 107-88; series is now 3-2

The Suns managed to beat the Trail Blazers on Monday Night, and are now just a match away from eliminating them as the series is currently 3-2, but Portland has an advantage: they are returning home for game 6 and have the chance of balance the numbers in order to go back to Phoenix.

The match that took place on Monday, finished 107-88 and the victory came thanks to guys from the reserve like Channing Frye, who put an extra effort and finished the game with 20 points, while his teammate Jared Dudley ended up with nineteen, same as Amare Stoudemire, and Steve Nash contributed with fourteen points and 10 assists.

Dudley and Frye had also been the top three-point shooters for Phoenix during the regular season, and had been 14 of 48 for a 29% on 3’s during the first 4 games of the best-of-seven series.

For Portland, Brandon Roy, who played his second playoff game after undergoing surgery on his knee, only had 5 points in a poor performance in just 5 minutes in the first half. Roy is expecting to get better for game six in order to be a starter.

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Portland had a slight advantage at the start, but by the end of the first, the Suns had managed to put things even, and as the game advanced, it was cleared that it was all going to be all about Phoenix. The closest the Blazers got in the 3rd was 67-59, but by the fourth, the suns managed to lead by an outstanding 27 points, an average of what is scored in a regular quarter, therefore, it was clear that Portland’s chances were over.

If we are to rely on statistics to predict what is going to happen on a playoff series, then Phoenix is certainly the favorite, as the winner of game five with a series tied 2-2, has been victorious in game 6 83% of the time, therefore, the Blazers should get ready to play at their best on Thursday at the Rose Garden if they want to be amongst the remaining 17%.

But, it is certainly hard to believe that the Trail Blazers are truly going to beat the Suns, as Phoenix managed to beat them at game five by using their bench talent, so, if Stoudemire gets better for their next meeting, and if Brandon Roy continues to play bad, then is all over for Portland.

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