Sports News writers now attached to incoherent twitter guidelines

Everybody knows that, which is the virtual wing of the MLB, can get to be a bit controlling at times, starting with the dispute over the ownership of a baseball name, which they lost to the most recent controversy around such website banning their writers from tweeting things that are not at all related to baseball.

And since nowadays social media is one of the most important tools that allow people to communicate, trying to serve as big brother by controlling twitter messages in an aggressive way has proven to be quite a difficult task, which might not be so bad after all.

And, when it comes to the beat reporters from, then we can say that they are certainly not doing things right if they are to speak of baseball alone. A clear example came last year, when a good number of baseball writers from other networks built outstanding online communities thanks to the excellent relationship they had with fans of the sport due to their commitment with writing and taking an interest on different subjects such as TV shows, music, movies, and things like that, which truly makes the relationship between the writer and the fan more compact and human.

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But I have to say that is quite disappointing when you see the type of guidelines adopted by the Major League Baseball towards twitter, which is a plan that is also becoming popular amongst other professional sports leagues. But, the truth is that, even though they are being strict with officials, writers and players about what they can and cannot mention in their twitter accounts, not everyone will pay attention to such rules, and it will certainly be quite difficult for the MLB or other league to punish someone if they cannot keep up with everybody’s 140 character messages.

The situation for players might not be as critical as for writers of, as they are the first ones in the line of fire, but such policies seem to be more harmful than beneficial for the online social networking necessities of the league, as most likely, their writers will lose a lot of their twitter followers as some people will feel as the human connection between them and the writer has been lost. Of course, if such twitter guidelines end up being counterproductive for the MLB, then others such as the NFL and the NBA might take notice in order to avoid falling into the same trap.

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