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Liverpool FC for sale: who is buying?

The American investors whom acquired the club in 2007, George Gillet Jr. and Thomas Hicks have put the team for sale, and Martin Broughton, who is the new chairman for English soccer club Liverpool, asked the fans of the team to be a little bit more patient as he continues to seek the right buyer for the club (assisted by Barclays), and also pointed out to the press that the sale might take some time, even months, and that he did not wanted to speak about any sort of deadlines for the sale.

Broughton said that a very positive aspect about the team is that it is part of one of the most lucrative and attractive football leagues in the planet and that the selling of the team is transaction that would truly benefit both of the sides, the current owners and the future ones.

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The economic situation of the club is not the most favorable as there is a loan for 237 million Euros that the team acquired from the Royal Bank of Scotland, which is now owned by Wells Fargo. And the deadline to repay the money is over, but the US bank has provided the club with an extension to cancel the debt.

What is certain is that Liverpool is worth a lot of money, but owners have declined to comment on what is the price they consider as fair to concrete the sale, but an internal source said to journalists that the team might be sold for about $770 million dollars.

The Americans acquired the club for only 174 million pounds back in February 2007, and according to them, it has all been a rollercoaster of ups and downs concerning discussions on stake sales and continuous argumentations between them and coach Rafa Benitez over policies attached to the trade of players.

Fans of the club might actually be glad that changes are coming as they are certainly not very pleased with their team being currently 5th place in the Premier League, a position on the table that does not favor them at all concerning their participation on the upcoming Champions League as only the first 4 places qualifies.

Some banks and investors have shown an interest in acquiring a percentage of the club, but Broughton and the current owners are actually looking to sell whole club at once, and, it is just a matter of time to see who the new proprietor is going to be.

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