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LeBron James earns second MVP title in a row

An average of 29 points, seven rebounds and eight assists per match seemed to be enough for Lebron James, the small forward from the Cavaliers to have been named as the most valuable player of the league for a second year in a row.

James will be getting his trophy in a ceremony that will be take place at the University of Akron on Sunday, and which will be hosted by David Stern, NBA’s commissioner. And the following day, LeBron will have the chance to prove pro basketball fans that he truly deserved the honors as the Cavaliers will play the Celtics on Monday on the second game for the best-of-seven semifinals series.

With the naming, LeBron James is joining a very exclusive club of only ten NBA players whom have managed to be recognized as the league’s MVP on two consecutive occasions. He is just 25 years old now, and at such a young age, he is joining Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Moses Malone, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Steve Nash and Tim Duncan (Bird, Russell and Chamberlain won it 3 straight times).

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Even Dwayne Wade, who was another of the candidates, said that Lebron was the player who deserved it the most. And probably the rest of the candidates for MVP knew that James was the man who was going to receive the trophy as this has been probably one of his finest seasons in his7-year career as a professional.

What is still pending is to know what his winning margin was. Last year, he obtained 109 of a total of 121 votes from broadcasters and sports writers who gave him their vote over Kobe Bryant, the superstar from Los Angeles Lakers, who acquired the award in 08’.

He will be flying to Akron, his hometown, to receive the award just like he did last year, when he was granted with the trophy at his alma mater, St. Vincent-St. Mary High in a ceremony which gathered his friends, family, and even some of his former teachers.

This is certainly an outstanding moment for LeBron James as he helped Cleveland to come up with 61 wins in the regular season which allowed them to classify to the playoffs as a number one seed, but I guess he won’t be completely satisfied if the Cavs fail to make it to the finals and conquer the championship, we’ll find out what is going to happen in a short time.

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