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Lakers fell to Portland 91-88 and might face them again in the postseason

It is almost time for the playoffs at the NBA, and it is certainly not the best time for Kobe Bryant to be playing poor basketball, which was clear at the Lakers last match against the Cavs at the Staples Center, with the 31 year old shooting guard missing two valuable free throws that could have given his team the victory as the final score was 91-88, a victory that meant a 2-1 season series win for Portland (this time playing without Brandon Roy for most of the match).

Other key elements to the Lakers’ loss were Derek Fisher missing one free throw almost at the end of the game, and Fisher himself fouling

Bryant sat down for the two previous games to this one as he wanted to rest a swollen knee, but it seems like he is still on his way to recovery, and the Los Angeles team expects their All-star player to be playing at his best for their two remaining regular season games, the first one against Sacramento, and the second one against the Clippers.

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Phil Jackson persuaded Kobe to sit down for those two games, and even though he didn’t played quite well against Portland, the Lakers coach said that he has seeing some signs of recovery in the player, and also pointed out that he would not be sitting any other players as he did with Bryant for the remaining two games.

Another key player for Los Angeles, Andrew Bynum is still on the injured list (11 games out by now) and there is no certainty about when is he going to make his come back to the courts, though Jackson expects this to be soon as the Lakers are lacking a little bit in the rebound area.

The team from Los Angeles seems to have little luck lately winning games at the Rose Garden, as they had 9 consecutive games without a single victory there before the one they achieved in February, and now the Trailblazers are proving that they can also beat the Lakers at their own backyard, which might be a bit scary for Phil Jackson and company as they might as well have to face Portland at the playoffs, but this is still unsure.

But, it doesn’t matter who the Lakers end up facing in the postseason, the important thing for them will be to keep a decent playing level in order to have a chance of winning the championship.

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