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Lakers beat Thunder 111-87, series is now 3-2, back to OKC

The Lakers and the Thunder both have won their home games, which is why the series is now 3-2 and heading to Oklahoma City, where the locals will have again the chances of put things even in order to take it a seventh game that will be played at Los Angeles, which might be the decisive factor that will give the Lakers the pass to the second postseason round.

Truth is that nobody believed this series would go to a 6th or even a 7th game, but Kevin Durant is the kind of player that do not come often in the NBA, as he is probably even better than Kobe, who finished game 6 with thirteen points and 7 assists.

Also for Los Angeles, Pau Gasol finished with 25 and eleven rebounds while Andrew Bynum was second in scoring for the Lakers with 21 points, while for the Thunder, Durant ended up with 17 and Russell Westbrook with 15 points, in the Lakers 111-87 victory.

The low scoring by both of the stars from the Thunder, had probably a lot to do with a good defensive work by the Lakers, with Ron Artest playing outstandingly against Kevin Durant while Bryant offered his own services to guard Westbrook.

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Now, we have to consider that the Thunder is a team that is filled with young talent, and have been playing for OKC for only two seasons after they were brought to the city from Seattle, and now they are facing the current NBA champions, a team that is certainly familiarized with the postseason as they have been to the Finals for the past two seasons, therefore, it should certainly be quite amazing for a player like Durant to be experiencing such thrill at such an early stage of his professional career.

Scott Brooks, the coach for the Thunder, understands the importance of the coming home game for his team, and is also clear about the differences between them and the Lakers, as he said that they know Los Angeles is certainly a bigger team, but he also pointed out that they are not a team that is never too down for defeats like the one suffered by OKC on Tuesday, but that is also never too high.

I am guessing a victory for the Lakers on game 6, but with a guy like Durant on their team, who knows, maybe the Thunder will be the surprise in the semis.

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