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Jets are clear contenders for a Super Bowl appearance

The Jets have made key improvements during the offseason, and such changes are certainly sending the Pats and the Dolphins a clear message: New York is ready to go against them with all they can in order to make a run for the championship.

With the new strategic elements which they have combined, a Super Bowl appearance (and victory) seems more possible for the Jets than ever. They made some smart moves such as trading Santonio Holmes from the Steelers and sending a 5th round draft pick to Pittsburgh in return, as Holmes brought 1248 yards last NFL season, and even though he ran into some off-field problems, it is clear that he’s one of the most valuable players in the league, so, if he is able to stay out of trouble, he will become an essential player for New York.

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Future hall of famer LaDainian Tomlinson was another of the wise acquisitions by the Jets, as even though he is currently under a wait-and-see status due to a decline in statistics, that had a lot to do with how he was affected due to the change in offensive tactics by the Chargers, which is probably one of the major reasons people believes he is underperforming, when such affirmation might be completely misleading.

Cornerback Antonio Cromartie was also acquired by NY during the offseason, and with his impressive skills with the ball, he is certainly to become into one of the most significant players in terms of interceptions for the Jets.

Now, the Jets are still in need of a proficient running back as they sent Thomas Jones to the Chiefs and also traded Leon Washington to the Seahawks for Joe McKnight, so, there are still a couple of holes in the backfield in despite of counting with the services of 24 year old running back Shonn Greene.

But, of all these moves made by the Jets during the offseason, it is clear that the most significant was to get Santonio Holmes, who was named MVP at Super Bowl XLII. This clearly makes them title contenders, as he is the perfect match for quarterback Mark Sanchez, who will be playing his second year at the NFL and could certainly improve his already outstanding game thanks to the cunning of an experienced and talented wide receiver such as Holmes.

Is this Jets team taking the form of a dynasty, I will say yes.

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