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Jerry Rice has found a new passion in Golf, looking to go pro

When Jerry Rice played a few practice rounds with James Hahn, the golf pro from Alameda California, he embraced again his admired competitive attitude. The retired American football wide receiver was throwing swings of about 270 yards, but Hahn was always throwing the ball about twenty yards longer than him.

This is clearly a sign that Rice is pushing himself hard to become a proficient golf player. 47 year old Rice is taking the matter quite seriously, and he not only wants to follow the steps of other NFL players whom are also fond of golf (Trent Dilfer and Tony Romo are clear examples), as he is certainly looking forward to become a pro.

On April 15, Rice will have his first chance of showing the world how good can he get to be as he will take part of the Fresh Express Classic at the Nationwide Tour, which can be thought of as a minor brother of the PGA tour. The guys playing at this competition are looking to be part of the PGA in the near future, and many have already achieved this, including people like Chad Campbell, Jeff Maggert and Stewart Cink.

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Jerry Rice is quite positive about been able to compete against these professionals, whom are considered the best golfers in the planet but that are still not competing at the PGA tour, and well, knowing Rice’s endless determination and his passion for the sport, it is quite possible that he might as well become a respected, prominent golfer.

Even before Rice retired from the NFL, he used to get up quite early for a driving range session before showing at 8:30 am for regular practice with Bill Walsh and the 49ers. And, when you get to consider that he did not picked up a golf club before his thirties, his natural abilities can be considered quite impressive.

Though he is looking to play with the big dogs, Rice’s drive is not to win it all, but to actually be consistent when playing at a high level. And, of course, he is quite confident about achieving it since he possesses strong working ethics, which is why I would not doubt it for one second.

Going back to the Fresh Express Classic, Jerry Rice is expecting to make the now-and-again birdie and as much pars as he can. He will be playing at 2 p.m. on Thursday.

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