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Jazz 117-106 victory put series 3-1, heading to Denver

Both Utah and Denver are matched in terms of their winning/losing margin this current NBA season as both teams are 53-29, but where things are different is in their numbers concerning their postseason series as the Jazz is now leading 3-1 with 3 consecutive victories against the Nuggets, whom are returning home for game 5 and their chance to try to level things up ,but being real, that is almost impossible, as few teams in the history of the NBA had been able to make a comeback in the presence of this kind of scenario.

The last defeat of the Nuggets came on Sunday night, when they lost by 117-106 against a Utah team that seems to be on fire and ready to play the Western Conference semifinals.

Even with his 39 points, Carmelo Anthony could not prevent the Jazz from winning the last game in Utah before heading to Pepsi Center. Also for Denver, Chauncey Billups and Kenyon Martin both finished the game with fourteen points, while J.R. Smith and Nene also shared numbers with ten points apiece.

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For the Jazz, Carlos Boozer leaded the scorers with 31 points (and thirteen rebounds), while Deron Williams finished with 24 points and thirteen assists, C.J. Miles scored 21, and Wesley Matthews finished the game with eighteen.

Utah managed to control the first 3 quarters of the game (they committed ten turnovers in the 2nd period, but only one in the third), while a beaten Nuggets team struggled to stay alive, but failed to do so as they lost their main man, Chauncey Billups by the fourth quarter, when Utah sealed the deal, feeling more rested for visiting Denver in order to try to end up the series against the Nuggets with an on-the-road celebration.

Carmelo Anthony surely does not want to point his finger on anybody, but he said that if they want to have a chance against the Jazz, they need to improve as a team, even when they are playing without George Karl. And he could not be more right with his statements, as Denver is on the verge of losing the series, and what could be more embarrassing for them than losing by a 4-1 and allowing the Jazz to celebrate in their own court. Well, fans of the Nuggets can’t be pleased with this, and if Denver does not want to be booed by their own fans, they will have to wake up and start playing better.

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