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Jason Taylor thinking on the Jets: Just like Favre going to the Vikings?

Is the Jason Taylor situation a mirror of what happened to Brett Favre? Well, if he ends up signing with the Jets, it certainly is.

Taylor has spent 12 of his 13 years in the NFL playing for the Dolphins, and now, he is receiving offers from the New York team to become part of their roster.

He is 35 and will soon be 36, an age that is considered adequate for retirement, which is not too different from Favre, who is now 40 and on the verge of quitting American Football for good (at least as a professional quarterback).

But, in what are they similar? Well, apart from being a bit over the age limit to continue to pursue remarkable goals at the NFL, and assuming that Taylor finally signs up with the Gang Green, then both will be considered official traitors by their former team fans due to signing up with direct rivals.

In the case of Favre, he left the Packers and spent a single season with the Jets, but what really upset the Cheeseheads was his departure from the NY team to Minnesota.

And when it comes to Taylor, he is considering leaving his long-time franchise for one with whom the Dolphins have held a rivalry for years.

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And, if you add to the situation the fact that both players are / were considered emblems of the teams with whom they spent most of their careers, then it is impossible not to bring up the similitude element.

Another akin aspect between these two players is the fact that they were hated by the teams they ended up with (or still considering, in the case of the still Miami player), especially Taylor, whom always has had little respect for the Jets, even calling them a classless team.

No other team has shown any sort of interest in Jason Taylor, and the Dolphins are still waiting for the draft to be over in order to make a decision about the linebacker, but if the terms are good with the Jets, it is most likely that he will end up playing for New York instead of waiting for an offer from Miami.

Want to add another similitude between Taylor and Favre? Losing the confidence of their coaches due to their age is the answer.

Whatever happens with the aged LB, it is for sure that his tenure in the NFL is also not far from been over.

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