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Dwayne Wade played outstandingly, series is now 3-1

Game 4 could have easily been the last one for Miami, as Boston was beating them 3-0, but there is always Dwayne Wade, and his unrelenting attitude that is certainly determining when it comes to giving the Heat a certain degree of trustfulness, especially in the postseason.

Wade finished with an outstanding 46 points (thirty of which he scored in the second half) to give his team a 101-92 victory over the Celtics. Quentin Richardson, who ended up the game with 20 points, said that he felt as if Dwayne had become into a real superhero, a comment to which coaches for both teams agreed. Michael Beasley, who is still expected to play at an even higher level (now more than ever if the Heat wants to beat Boston in their own court), finished with 15.

For the Celtics, Rajon Rondo was the biggest scorer with 23, while Kevin Garnett managed to finished with 18 and twelve rebounds, Paul Pierce contributed with sixteen and Ray Allen ended with fifteen for a Boston team was attempting to achieve a 4-0 in a series (it would had been their first since 1986), a goal that seemed achievable as they were 6-0 against Miami before the defeat.

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Dwayne Wade is going to opt out of the Heat when the season is done, and game 4 could had easily been his last one with Miami, and that could had been one of the main factor for his impressive performance in front of a Celtics team that was expecting to celebrate their pass to the second round of the playoffs at American Airlines Arena.

Miami was dominant for the full first half of game 4, and, with eight minutes left for the end of the second, the Heat was leading by 42-24, but a sudden awake by the Celtics put things 49-43, and suddenly every single Heat fan at the arena went from overconfident to concerned.

The third quarter became a power struggle between both squads with Wade tying the match at 64, and the big three giving the Celtics a 77-71 edge with twelve minutes on the clock for the end of the period, but the fourth was certainly all Heat, thanks to Dwayne Wade.

Each Miami player had a paper on their locker room with the words “hard” and “easy” marked on it. Stating that going to Boston for game 5 was quite difficult, and to get the series back to Miami for game 6 was even harder, and, if the Heat continues to depend on a single man to win games, they will certainly go back to their hometown, but defeated.

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