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Draft candidates for NFL rookie of the year part 2

This is our second delivery about the NFL draftees whom we believe, are true candidates to acquire the ‘Rookie of the Year’ award in their first season at the league. Our chosen players are not exactly those who were picked first, but the ones we believe that will adapt better to their new teams in order to come up with top performances.

Dez Bryant (24th overall chosen by the Cowboys): Certainly, this wide receiver that is arriving to Dallas from Oklahoma State could not have landed in a better team, as with his skills, Bryant can fit perfectly in the Cowboys’ defensive line and will complement Tony Romo perfectly. I am pretty sure that the rookie will lastly steal the starting position from Roy Williams.

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Derrick Morgan (16th overall chosen by the Titans): Just like with Bryant, this is a player that will perfectly fit his new team, as Tennessee was in true need of a valuable pass-rusher after they lost Kyle Vanden Bosch and Jevon Kearse during the offseason, and the 21 year old defensive end coming from Georgia Tech can fill the position without a major problem. He actually reminds me a little bit of Alex Brown from the Saints, as Morgan is a tough player that will be consistent all year long in terms of tackles.

Jimmy Clausen (48th overall chosen by the Panthers): It is actually quite shocking that this 22 year old quarterback who is coming to Carolina from Notre Dame was picked in the second round of the draft, as he is clearly a talented kid that can be compared in terms of talent to Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow. Well, the Panthers announced that Clausen will wear jersey number 2, which is probably going to serve as a reminder for those teams who made a clear mistake passing on him.

Sam Bradford (Number one overall chosen by the Rams): This draft certainly got me a bit confused, as it offered a scenario similar to the one at the 2005 NFL draft since there were two top quarterbacks. The best one of the two being Clausen, who, just like Aaron Rodgers in 05’ were not chosen in good positions, and then we have Sam Bradford, who is in the same situation as Alex Smith was since he was picked as the number 1 overall when both are quarterbacks who can be questioned about their arm strength.

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