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Draft candidates for NFL rookie of the year part 1

The 2010 draft is over, and teams have made their decisions about who they think it fits their rosters better, but, did they actually chose the right players? Let’s review some of the picks that might make it to candidate for the ‘Rookie of the year’ title.

Gerald McCoy (3rd overall chosen by the Buccaneers): This is a player that can be compared in talent to Ndamukong Suh, but I am guessing a better season for McCoy, as the choosing of Suh as overall number two had probably a lot to do with the TV coverage on the player and his outstanding performance on the big XII championship match.

Both of these players are tied for top prospects in the defensive tackle position of the present decade, but TV sportscasters made Suh look superior to McCoy, which is why people did not paid attention to the real flaws of the newest acquisition by the Detroit Lions.

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Suh is a player that is known for relying too much on his physical condition to overwhelm weak offensive linemen at college level, but he certainly cannot do that at the NFL. He used to rely on his strength a lot, which is why he has never come up with an ideal professional pass rush style.

Instead, McCoy does possess all the attributes that he actually needs to become successful at the NFL immediately. He will truly be a great asset for Tampa Bay.

Bryan Bulaga (23rd overall chosen by the Packers): Since it is not clear if Brett Favre will return to play for the Vikings or if he will retire for good, Green Bay are currently the favorites to win the NFC North division, but it is clear that they still needed more talent on the offensive line, which is why they probably chose Bulaga, as the player who is arriving to the NFL from Crystal Lake, Illinois, will certainly allow Ryan Grant to perform better concerning his running game while also helping Aaron Rodgers.

Russell Okung (6th overall chosen by the Seahawks): The Redskins will certainly regret having chosen Trent Williams over Okung, as the latest has proven to be more deep in the field, and Williams will have a hard task keeping up with Donovan McNabb. Truly a wise choice by Seattle by picking up an smart player like Okung.

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