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Celtics beats Heat in game 1, Garnett out for game 2

The Celtics beat Miami in their first postseason match, but a foul from Kevin Garnett over the face of Quentin Richardson is leaving Boston’s All-Star out for game 2. It could had end up better for Garnett, but he is being suspended due to the approach of the referees towards NBA penalties, as the foul occurred during a dead ball situation, and with only forty seconds in the clock for the end of the match.

Even Joakim Noah, the center for the Bulls, had an opinion on the matter, calling Garnett a dirty player. Even though Chicago does not have to meet with the Celtics on the first round of the playoffs, he said that he had to deal with Garnett’s dirty plays in the past. When such comments arrived to Boston, coach Doc Rivers had nothing to say on the matter and even joked about Noah’s commenting on the Celtics player, saying that he would not pay attention to such verbal instigations and that he would let Noah and the Bulls worry about Shaquille O’Neal and the Cavaliers.

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Quentin Richardson has had a turbulent relationship with Paul Pierce for a long time, and he pointed out that it was Pierce who approached him and started the talks that led to the incident a few instants after that. Garnett then stood up next to Paul Pierce in order to see what was going on, then Miami’s center Jamaal Magloire took Garnett by the shoulder and arm, and in a natural reaction, the 33 power forward from Boston swing his elbow to free himself from Magloire, hitting Richardson in the face. A camera replay showed how Garnett was just clearing space, and he probably did not even know that Richardson (who was fined with $25,000) was behind him.

The series between the Heat and the Celtics, clearly favors Boston, as this is their fourth straight win over Miami this season, but Dwayne Wade and his teammates are still positive about turning the best-of-seven series their way as all of those 4 wins have come with a difference of ten points or less, therefore, Wade feels that it is little what separates his Head from Boston.

And, with Garnett out of the picture for game 2 and Miami playing at home, it is the perfect opportunity for the Heat to avoid an early 0-2 in a series that is proving more positive for Celtics so far.

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