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Brian Davis calls bad play on himself and misses PGA Tour win

Can you imagine been on the edge of fulfilling a life-long dream, and then you just make a little mistake and it end it up costing you your dream, but if you do not say anything about, you might as well get away with it? Would you speak about it, or would you just don’t say anything and see what happens?

That is exactly what happened to Brian Davis, a pro golfer that is not so known in the sport, but after what he did on Sunday, he is sure to have acquired more recognition and notoriety than even before in his career. Davis was playing against Jim Furyk in the playoffs for the Verizon Heritage, and was on the verge of acquiring his first win at the PGA Tour.

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David ran into trouble at the first hole; when he missed the green and sent the ball to the weeds, then, when he was trying to get it out of there, his club might have grasp some of those weeds accidentally. But, you might be asking yourself, what is the big deal about it? Well, in pro golf, to hit loose materials with your golf club while trying to swing the ball is considered a violation, and in playoffs, it basically means game over.

Now, what is interesting here is not the violation itself, but Davis telling on himself. He was very concerned about what has happened and immediately called a rules official to observe the TV replay with him, indeed there was movement of loose materials, but it was confirmed only after using slow motion.

As soon as it was officially announced, Brian Davis conceded the victory to Jim Furyk, who was kind of stunned but very glad with the news. Furyk said that he had never conceived to win in such a way, but nevertheless, he respected Davis’s decision and he also pointed out that it truly admired him for how he proceeded.

The winner took 1.3 million dollars back home; but Davis did not left the golf course empty-handed, as he earned 615 thousand dollars for the 2nd place.

Now, if Davis would have opted for not telling on the bad play, TV cameras recorded everything, and even though he could have walked out with the 1st prize in his hand, somebody could call on the play later on, bringing his reputation down. Instead, he is more respected now and who knows, the incident can even get him some sponsorship deals.

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