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Brandon Marshall traded to the Dolphins for two draft picks

It is confirmed, Brandon Marshall has just been traded from Denver to the Dolphins for two second-round picks, one from the 2010 draft and one from the 2011 NFL draft. “The Beast” will be flying to Miami today for the obligatory physical tests, and after that, he is expected to finalize the signing of the long-term contract.

The 26 year old wide receiver has wished to leave the Broncos for quite a while now, and he is finally heading out of Denver. This is one of the largest acquisitions by the Dolphins since they recruited RB Ricky Williams in 2002 for 4 draft picks (including 2 first round picks).

Marshall heading to Miami is quite a surprise move by the Dolphins as coach Tony Sparano had never shown that much interest in acquiring the up-and-coming wide receiver, but, on the other hand, Bill Parcells, who is the man with the last word in Miami has never hidden his will of hiring players that are quite talented but that had also ran into out-of-the-field problems (clear examples are Keyshawn Johnson in the Jets, Terry Glenn in the Patriots and Terrell Owens in the Cowboys).

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But the truth is that the decision of acquiring Marshall had more to do with Miami now counting with a bright quarterback in Chad Henne and the need of a strong arm to back him up as Ted Ginn Jr has not been as promising as the Dolphins expected when they acquired him as the 9th overall pick at the 2007 draft. And, now that Miami counts with a proficient WD, they can use their number twelve pick in the coming draft to recruit a top prospect for the defensive line, where they also need a lot of help.

And, on the other hand, the Broncos, whom had let Marshall go, are now in need of a proficient wide receiver, which is probably their preferred choice for their eleventh first-round pick at the 2010 draft, in order to find a good complement for Kyle Orton who now only counts with the help of Jabar Gaffney, Brandon Stokley and Eddie Royal, all whom are average receivers and not the type of advance player Denver needs.

If Brandon Marshall is able to stay out of trouble at Miami, it is quite possible that this is one of the best offseason trades in the league, but only time will tell.

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