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Brandon Knight and Michael Gilchrist commit to the Wildcats

Can a college basketball team get luckier than Kentucky when it comes to signing new players? I hardly think so. The reason is because the Wildcats got the commitment of two bright prospects the very first day of the regular period of signing players, one for 2010 and one for 2011.

One of them is Brandon Knight, who, on Wednesday, reaches under the table and picked up a Kentucky hat to then place it on his head. He is a player that is considered as number one rookie basketball athlete by important sports web portals such as Rivals and ESPNU. The 18 year old player from Pine Crest High School said in a press conference that he is planning to play for Kentucky and is very glad of his decision.

With the announcement, Knight ended with months of uncertainty surrounding his commitment to a college, team.

The other player that got signed by the Wildcats just a few hours later was small forward Michael Gilchrist from St. Patrick High School.

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And, probably one of the major reasons why both prospects decided to sign with Kentucky is because of Coach John Calipari, as he is regarded as a very wise and talented individual who truly knows how to guide a player and nurture him in order to improve his game.

Knight is a 6’4 point guard that has averaged 31 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists per game during his tenure at Pine Crest, a team that he helped to achieve 25 victories and just 5 losses this past season. He was also responsible for hitting the winning 3-pointer at the McDonalds All-American match last month.

On the other hand, Gilchrist who is just 16, averaged 16 points and eleven rebounds per game playing at St. Patrick last season. The young player said that he is anxious to finish his senior year in order to become a Wildcat for good on 2011, and also pointed out that he has received numerous positive messages from Kentucky fans that are also expecting him to play for their team asap.

After Michael Gilchrist, the next most preeminent recruit of the 2011 class is Austin Rivers, a player from Winter Park High School who had previously committed to play with the Gators, but recently revoked his decision. He is the son of coach Doc Rivers (Boston Celtics).

It is still a long road for both Knight and Gilchrist before they become NBA players, but they certainly are the future of professional basketball.

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